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Medusa Festival III Bands (July 23, 2004)

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(June 24, 2005)

7:00 Nomoredolls

7:45 Love Hates Lois

8:30 Imago

9:15 Jen Urban and the Box

10:00 Sirsy

10:45 LOURDS

11:30 Devola

12:15 Ghost Orgy





contact: info@nomoredolls.com

Nomoredolls are a female fronted cutting edge band from Milan, Italy, with an astounding live experience. A combination of No Doubt, Cardigans and the earlier Alanis with a great rock attitude, taking no prisoners at their shows.

Their reputation is growing over the years, leading them to cross the ocean and perform on the East Coast and NYC area. Since December 2003, they successfully completed four USA tours playing main clubs like CBGBs, Knitting Factory Main Stage and Pianos in NYC and TTs The Bear in Boston.

Culturedose.net rated the band as one of the Top 7 indie acts in the Usa of 2003, in their New Year first column, without even an album out yet.

In July 2004 the band released nationally their single/EP The Green Ep (N3/Self), produced in London by Matthew Fagg, and toured the UK with shows at Scala and 12BarClub in London. The Ep got airplay in many American East Coast college radios (WSBC and WCFJ, XM Satellite Radio, etc.). In Italy, Gq Magazine featured them in a Tour Diary style column and photographed the band in the April and November issues.

Their blend of modern Alternative, Indie Rock, and bittersweet Pop can be heard on their self-titled debut, released 4/29/05 (N3/Self) and produced by LA based Fab V. Zee Grossi (Glenn Huges, Ice T, Steve Vai, Toto, etc.).

Love Hates Lois


contact: info@lovehateslois.com

Hailing from a large building in Astoria, Queens: A Guitar & Voice named Dom Spaleta and his little yet taller Bassy brother named Steve Spaleta. From a home just down the road from the brothers' Spaleta is a guitar and its possessor, soulfully named Chris of the Ugolini clan. The shadow cast by the musical force created by these three individuals working as one created bands such as Inadaze and Smoking Cactus in the late 20th Century. The Rise of the 21st Century brought change to the universe and the discovery and rediscovery of friendship. Under the shell of Manhattan, through a gash in time, in the year 2003, wielding 2 mighty clubs and his skins, Russ Stopek emerged. Last but certainly not least, the energy that drove them all to the this place they call home, a voice from the past time warped to the present, Carla G. from Queens on lead vocals. Five minds working as one to create the hard rockin', guitar screachin', bass poppin', drum stompin', melodical, harmonical sound that is most certainly their own!

Love Hates Lois' energy is felt searing through its crowd, scorches the stage and leaves you wanting more. Ceilings and rooves have been known to crack and fall through the raw power, excitement and emotion left on that stage! You don't want to miss LOVE HATE LOIS kicking off this year's MEDUSA FESTIVAL IV on Friday, June 24th!



contact: imago@imagotheband.com, 212-561-1873

Melinda Bardos vocals and acoustic guitar
Leighton Haniff - lead and rhythm electric guitars
Rodney Ledbetter drums
Oren Bayone bass

Imago is a NYC based female fronted modern rock band. What makes Imago stand out from the rest is their ability to fuse dynamics, melody and emotionalism into hard-hitting beats and guitar riffs.

Imago formed when singer/songwriter Melinda Bardos met Leighton Haniff, an accomplished drummer and guitarist in the NYC music scene. Melinda rehearsed an acoustic set at a local music studio, and Leighton took a liking to her emotionally intense and raw style. They began co-writing and within months the duo created a plethora of unique and contemporary songs.

Leighton worked ideally as Imagos front guitarist and he brought in the talented Rodney Ledbetter on drums. The three discovered that rare music chemistry which inevitably leaves a mark in this vast world of music.

Soon afterward, Rodney brought in Oren Bayone on bass, and his presence added the carefree and heavy bottom end that Imago needed to complete its sound.

Jen Urban and the Box


contact: JenUrban_1@juno.com, 347-721-7402

Jen Urban and the Box is original, fresh and sexy. Their guitar rock meets their playful electronic sequences resulting in an immediately gratifying listening experience. Jen Urban growls out well-crafted, fiercely emotional lyrics with her powerful and provocative vocal styling. Live, she electrifies with her hip-swaying guitar thrusts. Jen loves the beach and the sun, as well as the dark streets of the city at night. Billie Stultz's hypnotic fingering on her fretboard rocks with a sweet passive defiance. Billie likes to make movies when she is not playing music. Monita Yee drives each song with her throbbing bass and confident presence. Mo's bass lines mingle sweetly with the retro beats of the sequences. Mo also has a degree in Interior Design from SVA. Working with the bass and the sequencer, Lori T. completes the rythym section of the band on drums. Her driving beats complement her explosive energy as she creatively combines dance, rock and hip hop. In her spare time Lori taps on things and takes pictures. Their songs are at once driving, spastic and melodic creating an alluring chemistry that will leave you pumping your fists and shouting along.



contact: mail@sirsy.com, 518-785-9394

epk: http://www.sonicbids.com/sirsy

SIRSY: female-fronted, sultry, soulful pop that rocks. Hailing from Albany, NY, SIRSY made their first big splash in New York City winning a battle of bands at CBGB. "Sirsy's sound is accessible and catchy but never derivative or hackneyed... and they're fronted by a vocalist with the lungs of a teenage athlete and the growl of a sixty-something blues singer who is capable of a floaty whisper and a lion's roar."

Sirsy is Melanie Krahmer (vocals, flute), Rich Libutti (bass), Greg Nash (drums), and Andres Jatombliansky (guitar)... four music loving workaholics determined to indepenedently conquer the world!! Playing over 250 shows per year, SIRSY has shared the stage with Maroon5, Collective Soul, Blues Traveler, Cheap Trick, Fuel, Vertical Horizon, and many more.

"Wow. I mean, WOW! While their music is radio friendly, and their looks are eye-friendly, the material is actually really good. Like pop songs used to be before MTV. Go see them!" -Pete Harris (Indie Sounds NY, Harris Radio, Womanrock.com)



contact: lourds@lourdsmusic.com, 212-539-7699


At age 6, Lourds wailed on her violin and dazzled audiences at Carnegie Hall. Since then, this New York City native continues to mesmerize audiences, distorting the electric violin in a band with three other powerhouse musicians, Sarah, Gene, and Joey. The band, also collectively known as LOURDS, have been rocking venues from coast to coast, well-known for hook-laden songs and their explosive stage show.

NY DAILY NEWS: Distorting notes as she plays, embellishing the classics, jumping off the stage to get in her audience's faces
BILLBOARD MAGAZINE: Songs that need to be heard. Undeniable star power
NY POST: Unleashes a passion that turns crowds into rapturous mobs
E! ENTERTAINMENT: The beauteous and wild Lourds -- a doll to watch
THE SEATTLE TIMES: Hot new music star
VILLAGE VOICE: A hottie with Alanis badass belting and bowing of strings
NY NEWSDAY: Saws on her violin like a Fender Stratocaster
ONLINE TV: Fan fever not seen since the fever days of the Grateful Dead
FOX NEWS: One of the most exciting violinists in all of America
ROCKGRL MAGAZINE: Poised to break out of the Big Apple and into the mainstream

A few years back, the only way fans could get a hold of LOURDS music was to bootleg live shows. When Lourds reluctantly decided to press rough quality demos onto CD, they sold instantly. Now, having sold over an astounding 20,000 of her demo CDs independently at shows and via the Internet, the LOURDS fever is spreading across the country and all over the world. Lourds, creator, host and promoter of the MEDUSA FESTIVAL, is thrilled to be sharing a stage with this year's amazing Medusa IV bands! See you all at CBGB on Friday, June 24th at CBGB!



contact: devolawillkillyou@yahoo.com
Elizabeth Seward: 917-701-4626

"Devola sets itself apart from what has become typical of NYC bands - the Strokes-esque guitar-heavy band with a barely sober lead singer mumbling incoherent lyrics into the mic. What strikes me about Devola is how they've paired bass-driven jazzy music with electrifying opera-esque vocals. The band experiments with eccentricity in "False", a song that highlights singer Elizabeth Seward's soul-searching vocals. "Under Attack" gives off a jazzier ambience, transporting the listener to a hip underground caf where one can just groove to the music and unwind. Check out Devola if you're looking for a local band with more substance and individuality than the dozens of mediocre ensembles throwing together gigs last minute in this city." -Shawna Adams, Cityzen Entertainment

"There is no known cure for The Devola Virus. Say your prayers." -Tim Connoly

Some bands have 'got it', while other bands simply...do not. DEVOLA has definitely got it-the right idea, that is. The band has been in existence a little over a year, yet they are somehow headlining shows at some of the most well-known rock venues NYC has to offer. Their enthusiastic nation-wide street-team is multiplying each and every day. National corporations, such as Guitar Center, are not only supporting the band, but helping to distribute their cds. With their unique sound and intense lyrics, DEVOLA is generating a buzz almost too fast to keep up with. Given their incredible and increasing popularity, it's no wonder they compare their music to a virus-one that is infecting the scene rather rapidly, at that. DEVOLA has only one thing to ask of you regarding their nasty little virus- HAVE YOU GOT IT?

Ghost Orgy


contact: meric@ghostorgy.com

"I'm not sure I know what a ghost orgy would be like but this band is excellent. Musically they go way beyond typical. They encompass doom, traditional, and gothic metal - actually capturing an original sound." - Transcending the Mundane

"Ghost Orgy may look like a gothed up nu-metal bunch, but this quartet offers up a bewitching brew of disparate sensibilities. Piling crunch metal atop a mutant form of swamp rock - snake like GO craft constantly coiling songs, fittingly fronted by the serpentine, Gitane Demone-esque vox of Dina Concina." - Terrorizer

"Dina Concina's vocals are wickedly captivating; her voice is one of temptation, making you want more but giving you the feeling that something evil is lurking in the background. Goth/metal played with a bigger crunch than Lacuna Coil." - Live 4 Metal

"Ghost Orgy are one of the few great bands out there." - Steppin' Out