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(Thursday, September 7, 2006)

Doors 7 PM. Come early and stay late for this all-star show!
Only $10 to witness the hottest F-fronted bands in NYC and
to say farewell to a historic NYC landmark!
16 + SHOW!


7:30 Swati

8:15 Sirsy (Version 2.0)

9:00 Me Talk Pretty

9:45 GSX

10:30 LOURDS

11:15 KHZ

12:00 Mahavatar

Superstar DJ JENNCITY (Suicide City, ex-Kittie) spins badass chick rock all night!

Special appearances by Metal Mistress JULIYA, The Rock N' Dolls, The Blackhearts and more celebrity guest surprises! GREAT MUSIC AND HOT CHIX ALL NIGHT LONG!




contact: Manager, Mark McKenna mmckenna@allairestudios.com
(845) 616-9952

Swati (which loosely translates to 'star' in her ancestral Hindu language) is a product of New York City's infamous lower east side. The neighborhood which gave us both Martin Scorsese and the Ramones has lately been the proving grounds for a new generation of pop musicians; everyone from Jeff Buckley to the Strokes has worked the clubs on this turf. From these mean streets comes Swati, whose first record you are about to experience.

Swati grew up in New York and was a child prodigy trombonist whose debut at Carnegie Hall had the unintended effect of causing her to abandon the classical world and explore her own voice through songwriting and guitar playing. She immersed herself in New York's downtown music scene at a young age managing the popular venue Nightingale's. This put her in touch with a wide range of musicians and a very fertile music and arts scene.

Swati approached the guitar and composition in an unorthodox way: she plays a twelve string strung with eight strings. All of her songs are written in open tunings ala Joni Mitchell and played through an assortment of effects pedals. The effect is remarkable: Swati doesn't sound like anyone else and no one sounds like her. Never has young woman sounded as muscular or delicate, getting a full band's worth of tonality out of a simple acoustic guitar.

After years of experimentation with different band members and producers, Swati teamed up with producer Duke McVinnie (songwriter/guitarist with Shivaree) and engineer Brandon Mason (David Bowie, The Secret Machines) to make her independent debut album at Allaire Studios. Having accomplished that, she has been taking to stages throughout the northeast as a solo performer, introducing audiences to performances previously seen only in New York.

Swati's songs are direct, intimate, honest and powerful, like the artist who made them. In Indian astrology it is said that people born under the 'star' of Swati are broad minded, attract people from diverse backgrounds and can 'bend with the wind' in order to survive forces of change. Swati has proven to be the embodiment of that.

SIRSY (version 2.0)



contact: mail@sirsy.com

epk: www.sonicbids.com/sirsy

S I R S Y: Fiery, sultry, and soulful indie pop that rocks, back by popular demand for an ENCORE MEDUSA PEFORMANCE ... but this time as a powerhouse duo! SIRSY is fronted by the charismatic Melanie Krahmer with a "stunning voice capable of a lion's roar and a floaty whisper" ... a girl "with the lungs of a teenage athlete and the growl of a sixty-something blues singer" ... a girl who "plays Ian Anderson-esque flute solos", and "drums like a rockstar-- standing up, no less!". Krahmer shares the stage with co-writer, Rich Libutti, a "dynamo on both bass and guitar" with a "stage wit and explosive energy all his own". Libutti even plays the snare with his feet during Krahmer's flute solos so the drums never stop! It's a must-see!!

Since SIRSY's incarnation in the spring of 2000, they have accrued an enormous list of accomplishments that would seem impossible for an unsigned band. Playing over 250 shows per year, they've shared the stage with Maroon5, Collective Soul, Lifehouse, Cheap Trick, Blues Traveler and more! Hailed by the Boston Globe, New York City's Village Voice, and countless others, SIRSY is said to "stir the soul even more when you see them live than on their critically acclaimed recordings". Perhaps this explains their large and devoted cult following.

"Errrr... wow! I mean WOW! While their music is radio friendly, and their looks are eye-friendly, the material is actually REALLY good. Like pop songs used to be before MTV". (----Indie Sounds NY, NYC)

"Melanie Krahmer can sing, scream, blow flute, drum, and tease, and she does all these REALLY well. If you like live bands that rock, go see sirsy - they are usually playing somewhere every night and they won't let you down." (---- The Village Voice, NYC)

Me Talk Pretty



contact: info@metalkpretty.com

Sprouting from the incestuous New York underground scene, Me Talk Pretty features a unique musical pedigree: Grounded in the majestic grunge-rock output of the 90s, and fused with the sensibilities of Spanish-born Leon Lyazidi (Guitars) and recent Romanian emigre Julia Preotu (Vocals), the band's sound is an amalgamation of Tool without the oppressive gloom and Bjork without the grating shrillness. Augmented by the rhythm section of James Kluz (Drums) and Joseph Smith (Bass), Me Talk Pretty dares to be different. They have garnered critical acclaim from mainstream publications such as 1340 Media, PopMatters.com, Alternative Addiction, Hybrid Magazine and Decoy Magazine with their first release: ANA (EP).




contact: sg@gsxrock.com

"NYC-based angst rocker Greenwood may be classically-trained, but the ballsy head-banging spirit of Joan Jett rattles in her bones" - CMJ MusicFest

"Greenwood has a knack for transforming pain and anger into edgy songs that alternately smolder and blaze with the eloquently pissed off attitude of Chrissie Hynde. Her lyrics are reminiscent of Lou Reed and Patti Smith" - The Boston Phoenix

"You can make out the words, which are like the music, filled with power and angst and compare favorably to early Hole" - Bust Magazine

The chest-pounding, head-banging, blistering sound of GSX comes thundering through the club with a clear mission: to get the rockers up front and feeling it. Having just opened for Joan Jett at CBGB on June 7 and getting recent airplay on Q104.3, GSX brings a strong message: rock'n'roll still matters.

At the heart of GSX is British transplant Sarah Greenwood - a classically trained, axe-wielding rock siren with mind-blowing chops. On stage she paces, stalks, restlessly moving as she bullies her guitar. At the mic, her voice alternates currents of sweaty throated passion and tight, hard, growling snarls.

Have an affinity for Queens of the Stone Age, PJ Harvey, Joan Jett, Velvet Revolver, Soundgarden, Motörhead, The Prentenders, and ACDC? Well, so does GSX. Find out why.




contact: lourds@lourdsmusic.com
(212) 539-7699

"Truly incomparable ... Innovative and yet accessible, [LOURDS] breaks the rules, while poised to break into the big time." -- Chuck Taylor, Billboard

LOURDS, spelled all in capital letters, is a band of four talented and charismatic personalities, Lourds, Sarah, Gene, and Joey. At age 6, lead singer, multi-instrumentalist and namesake, Lourds wailed on her violin and dazzled audiences at Carnegie Hall. Since then, this New York City native continues to mesmerize audiences, singing with venom and distorting her electric violin and mandolin alongside her superstar powerhouse bandmates. With a glowing album review in Billboard in June of 2006 and dominating the front cover of the entertainment section of the NY DAILY NEWS this past year, LOURDS is a band rapidly on the rise. They convert new fans instantly with their hook-laden songs, their cutting-edge sound, and their explosive stage show and are presently touring in support of their 2006 eponymous debut produced by Ed Stasium, Grammy Award winning producer of the Ramones, Living Colour, The Smithereens, and Biohazard. The first fan-favorite single "ASTROPOP" has impacted radio nationally this past month with the video being shot in early fall.

Here's a glimpse of what the critics have to say:

THE DAILY NEWS (NY): LOURDS has managed to sell 20,000 copies of [their] self produced album
BILLBOARD MAGAZINE: Songs that need to be heard ... Undeniable star power
NY POST: Unleashes a passion that turns crowds into rapturous mobs
NY NEWSDAY: Saws on the violin like a Fender Stratocaster
TEEN VOICE MAGAZINE: A style of music completely different from anything out there inspiring fan websites made by teenagers
ONLINE TV: Fan fever not seen since the fever days of the Grateful Dead
FOX NEWS: One of the most exciting violinist in all of America

In recent news, Lourds Lane, frontwoman of LOURDS, and hostess and creator of the Medusa Festival wrote, sang, co-produced and played all the instruments on what has been called the next "WE WILL ROCK YOU" for sporting events. The song, "VICTORY", licensed by ESPN and ABC FOOTBALL, just got a glowing single review by Christa Titus in a recent issue of Billboard. (August 5, 2006). To get your hands on this limited edition single with original artwork by 2006 Warped Tour poster artist, Joe Simko and Medusa Festival co-promoter, as well as the latest and greatest 2006 LOURDS CD please visit breakingrecordsmusic.com.




contact: band@thekhz.com
For booking, contact: Steve Goodgold for Chaotica

2006 proved to be an exciting time for kHz. The band spent most of the year relentlessly playing live, wherever and whenever possible, in support of their critically acclaimed indie-release "Reality On A Finer Scale". Leaving their audiences stunned along the way, people took notice. The rock press praised them:

"Darkly atmospheric with boulder-heavy riffs-this band could get bela lugosi moshing" - Revolver Magazine

"kHz has a crunchy, machine-like, almost nine inch nails feel. For the alienated, pissed off, rebellious youth, we prescribe a daily dose of kHz." - Hit Parader Magazine

On the Internet’s sensation Myspace, the "Metal Mistress" herself, Sanaz, features the band on her personal profile and regards herself as a fan.

"There are not too many bands that could blow you away in a matter of seconds, and KHZ is on top of that list! Metal has never been this Sexy before! Be prepared for a ride to Metal Heaven. But beware, cause once you are there, you will never want to come back!" - Metal Sanaz

Now notable and influential rock personalities like Dave Navarro have joined the list of people being affected by kHz.

"They're the first time a band made me want to punch someone in the face- -and then fuck 'em!"Dave Navarro

The band is featured on Dave’s personal radio station "Spread Radio Live" and kHz recently shared the stage with his new band "The Panic Channel" for a show in Hollywood CA, June 2006.

Heavy Metal’s most recognized Female VJ, Mistress Juliya, recently hosted several kHz shows which they headlined, and said the following:

"KHZ will have you rocking out and orgasming all at the same time, a not to miss!" – Mistress Juliya

kHz’s music is now receiving airplay on SIRIUS Satellite Radio & AOL Radio, adding to the slew of Internet radio stations already supporting the band.

Between live performances, guitarist/producer of kHz, Pull, has been producing & remixing releases by major artists’ such as Shinedown, Rob Thomas, LiL Kim, Mindless Self Indulgence and Jewel, among others. Pull also directed and edited both of the band’s highly acclaimed videos "Envy" and "Test My Faith" which have been circulating nonstop over the internet and have been added to rock video pools that service clubs all over the country.

Lead Singer Raiana has completely embraced her dynamic range of abilities. She has been featured in Maxim Magazine’s new Bacardi advert for "Mojito" and she is also the official Spread Radio Live Vixen, where she models Dave Navarro’s custom clothing line for his radio station. You can expect to see much more of Raiana’s modeling this year as she continues to receive offers.

With no evidence of slowing, kHz is on a continued mission to take the Rock and Metal world by storm - changing the way the genre has been viewed for the past few years. Whether it is on stage with the likes of Dave Navarro or on a stage at the Warped Tour, This is a band you have to see live!




contact: karla@mahavatar.net
For booking, contact booking@Mahavatar.net

In the summer of 1999, Jamaican guitarist Karla Williams joined forces with Israeli vocalist Lizza Hayson to form the nucleus of Mahavatar. Armed with their shared desire for freedom and mind exploration through music, these two artists set out to create the sonic atmospheres that would speak to a new generation of listeners hungry for a sound that tapped into emotions not yet experienced. After several months of writing and rehearsing, Mahavatar entered Bomb Shelter Recordings, NYC to record their first single... "The Time Has Come". One hundred copies of Promo 2000 were printed and distributed amongst friends and industry. It was obvious to the Mahavatar clan that the people were open to receive the message of the revolution and that their time had surely come. With the help of engineer/musician Gonen Ron and Bobby Hambel of Biohazard, Mahavatar entered Bomb Shelter Recordings again to record Demo 2000. Once again, the band printed up 100 copies, which were sent out to magazines, radio, and industry people around the world... the feedback was overwhelming.

Magazine reviews from all over the world have come back with much praise and the desire to hear more. The common theme that runs through all is that the sound of Mahavatar is beyond anything heard before. Many bands have been attributed as influences, but all agree that Mahavatar represent a unique force in the music world. Mahavatar have also been featured on radio stations in the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Belgium, Norway, The Netherlands and the USA. One of the many stations that help spread the message of Mahavatar in the USA is 89.5 FM WSOU, Seton Hall's Pirate Radio, where Mahavatar's "The E Song" was chosen as the Street Patrol Show Cut. WSOU is a New Jersey based national college radio station that averages 100,000+ listeners a week and is the most popular radio station on the East Coast for hard-edged music. Mahavatar also maintained a strong presence on MP3.com, where "The Time Has Come" was #1 on the Doom/Stoner metal charts for 10 weeks and attained a top 40 position in the overall metal charts. Mahavatar's worldwide fan base is growing steadily every day as the masses receive increased exposure to their message... a cult following in the making.

Mahavatar have also caused quite a stir within the New York City music scene in clubs like the world famous CBGB, L'Amour, Castle Heights, Continental, The Elbow Room, Meow Mix and Lion's Den. Not only connecting with those who are into heavy music; listeners of metal, punk, gothic, jazz, hard core, classical, blues, progressive, pop, industrial, alternative, country, and rock-n-roll continue to be taken in by the energy that is Mahavatar. The message is clear; Mahavatar appeals to all. Possessing a special chemistry that radiates to the crowd during live performances, Mahavatar perform dark, melodic, groove-based tribal sounds that culminate into an indisputable energy. While creating powerful hooks with shape-shifting atmospherics and rhythmic punch, Mahavatar touches the soul, moves the body and forces the listener to ask,"What the @#*$%?"... Mahavatar is the next step towards enlightenment... Mahavatar lifts your spirits with the hope of a mind hypnotic vision towards revolution.

After two very successful demos and several changes in the line-up Mahavatar signed with Cruz Del Sur Music and in February 2004 entered Purple Light Studios to record their debut album "Go with the NO!"

The recording session was brought forth by Karla and Lizza with the help of three session musicians: T-Bone Motta on drums, Szymon Maria Rapacz on bass, and Miko on keys under the technical assistance of Michael Barile (Candiria, Vasaria, 40 Below Summer, E-Town Concrete).

After five months of recording and mixing Mahavatar is now finally free to show the world what their music is made of with their debut CD. Combining Karla's darkly aggressive groove-heavy guitar sound and the mesmerizing versatility of Lizza's voice, which goes down to the pits of hell only to resurface with raw melodic emotion, "Go with the NO!" is a suffered yet hopeful kaleidoscopic work directed to all those restless souls that do not feel satisfied with today's music.

Mahavatar provides the answer to the question, "What is the future of sound"? With members hailing from different parts of the globe, it's no wonder they stir the senses of all who dare to open their minds to their message. The revolution has begun... will you join them now?